RANDSTORE is a flexible grain storage service available directly to farmers.  Situated just outside Royston in Hertfordshire, Rand Brothers have been professionally storing grain since 1994.


The service prides itself on being simple, completely transparent and open to all farmers, giving flexibility and control in whatever you need to store, dry, clean and market.

Flexible grain storage with RANDSTORE


Fixed fees with no hidden charges

RANDSTORE offers an annual fee from £10/T, with no capital costs and can provide state of the art storage, along with additional drying and cleaning facilities at excellent value.


We offer an annual storage option for a fixed fee with no hidden deductions or charges.  What you deliver has a 0.25% storage weight loss applied and the remaining stock is what you sell, you retain complete ownership and marketing control.  You decide when to sell, through our marketing partner, North Herts Farmers.

RANDSTORE offer all the operational and logistical benefits of a cooperative store, including a highly competitive drying and cleaning service. If you deliver full specification product in to the store no additional charges will be applied. 


Operational and logistical benefits

If you require transport, please contact Kim McCready, our Grainstore Manager and this can be arranged using RANDSTORE haulage.

  • NO Joining Fee

  • Superb rate for drying and dressing

  • Storage costs are spread across the year

  • Fully independent

  • You retain complete marketing control

  • Grain testing

  • Fully accredited

  • No drying charges applied up to 9.5% for Oil Seed Rape and 15.5% for Cereals

Field Lorry.jpg

Ensuring prompt collections

We run three bulk tippers to compliment our storage business, our three DAF tractor units run our Fruehauf trailers which are all administered under our TASCC accreditation.


This service has an important role in fulfilling requirements of RANDSTORE customers during the harvest period, ensuring that prompt collections can be guaranteed.  In addition to this we have selected haulage partners to assist us with the large volumes coming into store.