The complete baling process and service:

Our process commences with the purchase of straw direct from farmers; still in the swath – just as it is produced from the back of the combine harvester.

Our immediate responsibility is to bale the straw quickly and efficiently, which is vital in order to allow autumn cultivations to continue unhindered. The bales are then collected from the field and, utilising automated stacking trailers, are stacked at a central location prior to being re-stacked with telehandlers, which reduces wastage and helps to ensure we maintain a cost-effective operation.

The straw is sold throughout the year to both industrial and farm end users, such as power stations, mushroom composters, livestock farmers and horse feed manufacturers, and to horse bedding producers.

The RAND baling history

In 2002 we bought a big baler and bale chaser trailer to supply a power station with our own straw. Slowly, as demand grew for the straw, we began to offer more competitive rates to local farmers for their straw; as predicted, this stimulated a much greater straw supply. As a result, every year we saw a gradual expansion of staff and equipment in order to accommodate increased demand for our baling service and end product.

Our suppliers

The majority of our suppliers consistently supply us with product every year, and the majority of the 12,000 – 14,000 hectares that we bale is sourced from a 45 mile radius of Hatchpen Farm, which makes it both eco-friendly and cost-effective. The majority of our arable farm suppliers are located within Hertfordshire, Essex, Cambridgeshire, and Suffolk.

Our customers

We are pleased to have a broad and varied customer base, and therefore the end uses of the straw that is baled are equally diverse.

  • Some of these uses include:
  • Burning it to produce electricity
  • Burning it to heat green houses
  • Composting it for the mushroom industry
  • Covering carrots, tulips and strawberries
  • Livestock feed
  • Livestock bedding
  • Crash barriers at motor racing festivals
  • Sound barriers at music festivals

Our specialist equipment

As our output levels have increased, we have maintained equipment growth to match expectations as well as customer demand, and today our specialist equipment comprises:

  • 6 Massey Ferguson 2290 Square Balers
  • 3 Claas 5300 Square Balers
  • 5 Heath Super Chaser Extra
  • 2 Heath MC2 Multi Chasers
  • 2 JCB 536-95 AGRI-SUPER Telehandlers
  • 1 JCB 535-96 Telehandler
  • 2 Claas single rotor rake
  • 2 Claas twin rotor rake

The Rand Baling operation staff

Central to the success of our baling enterprise is the experienced, hardworking, and conscientious team at its heart. We presently employ three full-time members of staff and 13 seasonal employees, but this number continues to grow as demand grows.

If you feel that have the attributes listed above, are interested in seasonal work, and would like to join our baling operation team then please see our jobs section.

What makes us different?

As farmers we understand how important it is to bale and clear fields quickly whilst also providing a first class service, ensuring that we leave farms exactly as we found them.

We enjoy a numbers of referrals and repeat business, which come from our excellent service levels and our guarantee that all of our suppliers are paid promptly and correctly immediately after harvest.

Customers of our straw know that we have the experience and equipment which mean they are provided with the quantity and quality of product that has been agreed.

The future

We intend to grow sustainably as supply becomes available and demand for our products increases.

Please contact us if you are a farmer/agent/landowner interested in selling straw or an end user interested in buying straw.